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Personally, I’m convinced that the extraterrestrial UFO hypothesis is the correct one.

On 28 August 2016, at 2:45 a.m., I filmed a UFO (1 and 1/4 mile from the house) which checked out Istad Hydro Plant, Kleive, Norway.

The UFO came straight down. No sound.



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There is no conflict in the Bible with the potential for life outside Earth, according to many pastors.

And many pastors are/were serious UFO researchers.

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As I've written before in DeVoid posts (Billy's predecessor to Life in Jonestown) I had the unfortunate experience of living in a home in my later years of high school which was quite infested with those things that go bump in the night or jump on you scaring the hell out of you, After months of activity experienced by several family members and two others who lived in an adjacent rental property, a Filipino rite of exorcism performed by a Roman Catholic priest brought the incidents to an end. With all that being said, I prayed quite a bit when I knew the entity or entities came into my room. I was a good Roman Catholic boy then. A guess what? It didn't make a difference. Others in the home and adjacent property also requested divine intervention as well. It didn't work for them. But it worked for the priest for what it's worth. The experienced convinced me there's a lot more out there. And the bottom line is being tormented by a non-human entity, ghost or spirit was not fun. I've had loaded guns shoved in my face by angry people just a few pounds of pressure on their trigger finger away from blasting me into eternity. I'd take the snub-nose in my face then those experiences any day.

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We humans are a terribly insecure lot, always trying to prove we're better than anything else on the planet, and we do that to each other as well. The Gospel of John cements the deal for Christians by saying that the only way to God is through Jesus. If appealing to Jesus is the only way to foil an abduction, then guess who is out of luck: Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and on an on. Unless, of course, a Jew could appeal to Moses (or mighty King David), a Muslim could evoke Mohammed, and so on. The Christian Bible is a complicated document that gets vastly simplified and turned into something with magic powers. If these abductions are real and they are being thwarted, perhaps it is the singular strength of the individual who is shouting NO. We really don't begin to know all of what is going on and individuals (actual people) who have power simply because of being in the service of our vast and confusing "government," are treating us as though we are mind-damaged children. But so are others in our human family. The way of respect requires honesty and truth telling coupled with humility. This is also the only method for progress.

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There have been many exorcisms performed by non-Christians who didn't invoke the name of Jesus.

As to "Demons". What is a Demon?

A Demon is not objective, it is purely subjective.

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Billy, where did Joe get that outfit?

The Dave Chappelle signature collection?

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I see a UFO and do not know what it is so my solution to this is another thing I do not know and that is 'Him'. IMO this non-ending circle of thinking is partly why the current mid east situation of violence has now exploded again.

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