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"But AARO’s report is so hard up for padding that two lengthy paragraphs in its Executive Summary are literally repeated word for word later in the document."

AARO is Project Blue Book II.

Congress politicians — the top U.S. military brass know that the UFO phenomenon is real — and that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft. The top brass have seen the gun camera videos.

The American people have the right to see the U.S. government UFO videos and photos.

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"The Legacy of the Trickers "

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"Compartmentalization is a point of pride that worked well for everyone on the team. “I was also protected by the stovepipe nature of that"

Speaking of stovepipes:

"We Didn't Learn Anything - Reps Reactions After UFO SCIF Meeting on Wednesday with the DoD IG"


"UFO update: Burchett shares what happened in secret SCIF meeting; Speaker vows more hearings on UAPs"



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I'm definitely a UFO enthusiast, as I've read a number of related books and I'm familiar with the major cases and have a general feel for the scope of the phenomena; sufficient to have my own theories. My impression is that Lacatski did pretty much the same, but with the library of cases gathered by (his) AAWSAP. If I recall correctly, Lacatski also had his own experience at SWR.

What makes him a special case is that he claims to have been in the presence of (apparent) non-human technology in the form of a craft, kept at a facility.

I'm sure he mentioned the facility was a 'Congressional site' - did I get that right? Don't know what that means though. Does it imply it wasn't in the hands of a private corporation?

And I don't recall if anyone asked him if he was 'read' into a specific program to be shown this vehicle, or if he knew or spoke to anyone who was working on reverse engineering the thing.

I think Corbell & Knapp or someone else, should present Lacatski with a series of lists of questions, that he can decide how to answer or not, then repeat until we've got everything we can. The main impression I got was that he didn't relate his knowledge (or gain of knowledge) to the efforts or experiences of anyone else. (Then again, Lazar wasn't any different because he claimed not to be interested in, or follow, ufology.)

We're in the bizarre situation that even though there hasn't been an official statement that the U.S. has recovered non-human tech (and wouldn't do so for reasons of national Security), foreign nations would still have to assume this to be true and attempt to investigate, based on statements made by Lacatski and others. At this point the gatekeepers (if they exist) are only keeping it secret to avoid the general population from knowing and to avoid facing the consequences. Not exactly legitimate reasons to keep this information from the world.

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Billy, does someone like Jim Lacatski ever retire? Makes sense people will still be asking advice. Since he began at Skinwalker Ranch ("you've seen nothing yet - nothing. You'd be flabbergasted ...") with his Tubular Bells vision (to me, it's almost like he was "invited" in by what's there), he must have emphasised to his superiors the consciousness/physical stuff there as a nexus. And Brandon Fugal's (surely also with Erik Bard as chief scientist) Washington 2018 visit with Kirkpatrick, Puthoff? I'd guess a conclusion of what's at SWR was made years back and Fugal + team are rediscovering? That "thing" underground near the SWR triangle. Maybe that's why AAWSAP was started, as he says people should ask that question.

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Sheila Clark (Florida Today) https://islandcremations.com/obituaries/christina-s-tuominen/8414/

I'm her son Travis. Just reaching out.

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Thanks for the funny gut

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If Lacatski isn't a government disinformation operative, he should be. The shell game these guys play is obvious, yet everyone keeps getting suckered in. Corbell and Knapp will jump at any bait, anyway, they so want to be famous. The truth, whatever that may be, is buried under years of lies and deceit, and gullible detectives will never find it.

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A good synopsis of the Weaponized show with Dr. James Lacatski. Yes another confirmation about recovered craft from 'unknown' origins etc. But what gets me is why the super secrecy question. Lacatski framed his response and went all in on the 'national security interests'. Why, what if our adversaries get a hold of this . . . . . . we would be doomed! Well from where I come from our nuclear arsenals are already our probable doom. Why the fossil fuel industry would collapse along with all the financial interests in the world. Religions would erupt into chaos and calamity (as if they haven't already). All this is why we keep the secrets, so they say. However what really maybe the reason why to keep the secret is what Jeremy said at the end of the podcast. He recounted what the late Stanton Friedman said, that if this secret came out that the world power structure(s) and the constant 'national interest' theme that empowers them would be in a shit load of trouble. That answer gets my vote (doubly). Do the Russian people want to go in and slaughter UKrainians or the general Palestinian or Israeli people want to end the other side by killing each other off. I think not, but its the power structures both pollical and religious' that use fear and intimidation that keep themselves well . . . . . . . in power. Would the end of the UFO secret . . . . . change all of this?

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"There are “legitimate” Men in Black and phonies as well, Lacatski warns. But he declines to define legitimate."


"12.21 Questioner: Who are the Men in Black?

Ra: I am Ra. The Men in Black are a thought-form type of entity which have some beingness to their make-up. They have certain physical characteristics given them. However, their true vibrational nature is without third-density vibrational characteristics and, therefore, they are able to materialize and dematerialize when necessary.

12.22 Questioner: Are all of these Men in Black then used by the Orion crusaders?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct."

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So future generations will be told lies by Alexa and AI?!?!??? And the lies get perpetuated through what becomes credible via the tactic of saying a lie often enough and people will believe it. What a sad future....It’s history being made by the conqueror rather than facts. Black World indeed. Where is the glimmer?

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