Billy, the Brazilian government, too, has recorded a few UFO videos.

Here’s one of them:


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I had to read through that twice, just to get a basic understanding. Interesting that the text was released given that it seems to be a frustrated employee; something a manager wouldn't normally voluntarily release into the public domain (only if it was FOIA'd, and even then it would probably get 'overlooked'). Goes to show that there are always people on the inside who want to know the facts too.

We always said that the refusal to release the Aguadilla video was BS.

Perhaps someone from the tower will step forward and provide details from their perspective. A statement of where the object was seen, relative to the tower, would clarify the actual path the object(s) took.

Change of subject, but if the Pentagon thinks that Congressional pursuit of the facts would be embarrassing to the DoD, then doesn't that qualify as a long kept secret that hasn't leaked? It's an admission that they want something kept hidden. (Didn't the DoE get hauled over the coals for classifying embarrassing information ages ago?) If nothing comes of all this, then if nothing else, it proves that some secrets can be kept.

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I was curious, so I tasked a very talented remote viewer I know to look at the “rubber ducky” video. It’s ours and they were test flying it. The phenomena that I have witnessed up close is far more astonishing. Nice try Homeland.

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Sep 30, 2023Liked by Billy Cox

Great reporting!

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CBP is the only government agency that admits there are (illegal) aliens on Earth.

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