Regarding targeting, what if in some cases the targets were chosen in advance and perhaps marked or made recognizable by some unique biological feature or combinations of features?

On re-reading, I did not see any reference to Russians or other adversaries being attacked by a destructive field. Of course, that's not hard proof, but it is suggestive and worth pursuing.

If computing power roughly doubles every two years (Moore's Law), then 50 years after a weak showing of microwave power could lead to something quite massive in power.

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Hi, Billy, I'm back & subscribed. Perhaps I missed it, but in reading the article, I did not notice any reference to Russians being blasted by the damaging microwaves (or whatever else the field might be). In the UFO accounting, both US and Russian missile launching mechanisms were reported to have been targeted. I realize it is very difficult to get accurate more reasonably complete and verifiable info from Russia (a state the US tries hard to emulate), but nonetheless, rumors buzzing like horse flied usually point toward something and I've come across that. What is your take on this? Am I missing the obvious?

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I'm not sure anything is obvious in this field, David. I've long thought that Newton's Third Law reaches into politics, i.e., whatever they're doing to us, we're doing to them. Especially when it comes to espionage. I mean, after all, when it comes to tech, the U.S. is the alpha dog, right? Yet, from outward appearances, the Havana Syndrome has caught us flat-footed. How can it be that our adversaries aren't suffering from the same consequences?

John Alexander hasn't been on the govt payroll for quite awhile, and he qualified his perspectives that way. But he said the Church Commission's revelations about Cold War abuses re intelligence gathering through programs like MK Ultra left an enduring legacy. Maybe you're not nearly as concerned about the window dressing of morality and ethics as lawmakers are, but there are rules. Or were.

"I know people who lost programs merely because they were kept in the same drawer with MK Ultra and had nothing to do with it. But they just said get rid of everything like that," he said. "The problem was not just potentially losing a program, but being attacked and getting hit in your budget and everything else, if you get caught doing it."

That seems a little quaint, if not naive, by today's standards. It's so difficult to accept the idea that we're unprepared for the Havana Syndrome. But then, I know nothing about government hardball that occurs behind closed door.

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Hi Larry. Enjoyed our exchanges awhile ago. Hope you are well. Nightmare scenario: Q-Anon connects Havana Syndrome/UFOs and the Big Lie. Katy bar the door! Billy, totally understand if you wish to "cancel" me :-)

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Hi Rhana.

Q-Anon is a PsyOp.

BTW, Katy has always let me in when I ask politely.

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Politeness pays. It goes hand in hand with kindness.

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"we must not forget advances in bioengineering which will/do allow injection of almost any desired trait into any human at a distance without their knowledge or consent and essentially without detection.”

Scroll down to:

"COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Links to Transhumanism:

This section deals with some more speculative aspects of the pandemic and the medical and scientific establishment’s reaction to it, as well as the disturbing links between scientists involved in vaccine research and scientists whose work involved merging nanotechnology with living cells."


The self-serving psychopaths in the Trillionaires Club with severe (NPD) Narcissistic Personality Disorder have been funding this for decades.

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Sep 28, 2021Liked by Billy Cox

Billy, I think your article should have been one of those NYTimes follow-ups (that never happened). You seem to have clearly defined a 'new' facet of the UFO phenomenon i.e. one that is only lightly touched upon elsewhere.

(Obviously, there's an overlap with foreign (Russian) tech, but also strong evidence that some UAP include this 'field'.)

Not sure about those final theories, but the underlying phenomena need addressing. Unfortunately, the apparent effects are another reason why the authorities would classify such incidents.

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People who regularly deal with records get nervous when they run into spook operations; their job is entirely dependent on their clearances, and one small misstep is enough to lose them.”(???)


"Five workers, two of whom would die, demanded to know what sorts of chemicals they had ingested from open-air burn pits the size of football fields at the Nevada military base. The courts rejected their pleas on national security grounds(??) Yikes!

Burroughs: "They’re not going to give you any answers for one reason alone. They don’t want anyone to have the technology – not the Chinese or the Russians or anybody else.”(??)

Who is..."they"(???)

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Well, since we haven't heard squat out of the Air Force since this AATIP stuff broke nearly four years ago ...

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