FYI.... Chris Mellon posted a rebuttal to Julian Barnes and another dismissive writer for the WSJ

Would be nice if the 2 editions were cordial and receptive to Mellon to publish his rebuttal in their editions.. Some person(s ) or organization is getting away with peddling disinformation/misinformation and ridicule on the subject. The question is why the concerted effort to gloss over the topic.. Barnes, Shostek or the WSJ writer never took the time to interview any of the witnesses to the events of the last 5 years? As far the MS News media?? Crickets


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Dude, did you know that Christopher Mellon, in his most recent post, seemed to come out and claim that Eric Davis WAS the author of The Wilson-Davis notes?

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This matter may play out with the NHI presence emerging in an undeniable way, perhaps due to our expanding reach into the Cosmos and the acuity of the climate and environmental crisis. The volume of remaining puzzling sightings (after evaluation) seems to be rising.

This would likely place governments "behind the 8 ball".

Ufologists generally are playing it safe by remaining quiet about valuable and available info from ce3 and 4 cases. They themselves seem affected by the reflexive dynamics of ridicule and denial in saying "don't bring this data up to the press and Congress".

Mike Jamieson

PS: a demonstration may help. You Tube educator Red Panda Koala is exploring setting up such an event next year in DC!

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AARO's mission statement: Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? Watching these shills tap dance their way around the issue is not-so-grand theater of the absurd. And they seem to live with themselves quite well. Break a leg, guys, for Act II.

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If the e.t.’s prove to be hostile they can celebrate all the humans who hid their actions from the rest of us for decades until they got ready to execute the next phase of their plan.

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Dec 27, 2022·edited Dec 27, 2022

"...space aliens." Well, for the cynics of the press it's a step forward from "little green men." At least they didn't trot out a dwarf in costume like at former Arizona governor Symington's presser shortly after the Phoenix Lights incident in '97.

How smug (or falsely clueless) will they remain when the 2023 NDAA kicks in with its provisions that include a review of all intelligence documents involving UAP from 1945 to the present; a secure process for anyone who has signed an official US government secrecy agreement related to UAP to come forward and reveal that information to AARO and to Congress, without fear of retribution or prosecution; and more.

I imagine Robert Salas and others are rubbing their hands in anticipation.

Now that Congress has more arrows in its quiver it will be interesting to see if they use them.

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Like Richard dolan said “the ufo phenomenon did not start in 2004”. I might add. It didn’t start in 2017, 1997, 1967, or 1957. Haha. We all know that. Even 1947 it did not there start. Government kept secrets by all the nuclear powered countries may some day get us all killed. It has come close more than once.

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The intelligence community put people they control into media corporations wherever they could manage. Probably still paying some of their salaries.

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Dec 26, 2022Liked by Billy Cox

I'd be happy if they released just one report that attempted the same level of analysis as SCU or the French Sigma2 3AF. We don't have any evidence that any analyses are being conducted; except possibly for that 'mistaken' release about a UAP JIATF accessing 'Talent Keyhole' data.

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