Apropos close UFO encounters.

"Strange Effects From UFOs – A NICAP Special Report" (by Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr.).


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Based on that account in the wilds of Montana, Ted Roe and his buddy Brian should be very thankful that they didn't end up as another case in David Paulides "Missing 411" book series.

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"If they go in there and find out everything’s all right,” he says, “that’s almost as terrifying as going in there and finding no evidence.”

Doesn't that amount to the same thing?

Were Ted's remarks, re "ontological shock" made to yourself, Billy? I'm wondering because i'm writing something on that subject.

Nice Don Delillo reference, btw.

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Deeply disturbing. The word "marginalized" is thrown about regularly. There are an unknown number of people who have experiences like those of Ted Roe, unknown because they can't talk about it. The medical consequences of a close encounter experience used to be unmentioned but are serious. "truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies". There is a huge bodyguard of liars so the truth must be extremely precious or possibly too horrible to contemplate.

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Thanks so much for your writing Billy and how open of Ted! So here's mine. We have a house set away from others in a mountain village in Turkey. In summer 2009 my wife's in London and it's late night, the house is bare as we've just got it and I'm upstairs sleeping on the floor on a mattress next to a slightly open sliding door (it's a hot night). Nothing electrical in the room. I'm awake definitely. Suddenly a huge white light, vibration, buzzing, outside the glass but I feel something is trying to get through. I'm paralysed on my back and get lifted up and down twice. When I try to turn to acknowledge it, it stops. Everything shuts off. It seemed about a minute or so. There's much more detail (I won't bore).

I sent the full to Prof. Alexander Wong at California State University in Chico in 2022 who's collecting these (he asked then on twitter for accounts). He's very open and told me in September this year he's publishing a peer-reviewed article with Dr. Daniel Stubbings who's also involved a lot. So a contact for anyone who wants to share.

My only experience and ha, ha, was I kind of sampled and then "rejected" as unsuitable as I didn't go through the glass? I do wonder. I'm glad it's only one I've had, I can't imagine how I'd be if it was multiples.

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Interesting observation by Ted Roe that, apparently, scientists generally have no problem accepting the possibility of non-human intelligence, but when it comes to the activities of NHIs the subject becomes difficult.

I’d argue that we could understand the logical reasoning of any intelligence because technologically advanced NHIs would have to be logical and rational. Of course, the guys at SETI seem to think that rational aliens would have no issues making formal contact (which seems to be the one thing ‘they’ all steer clear of, probably to avoid a few billion begging letters and the odd nuke tipped missile).

Meanwhile, sensor glitches and problems interpreting data reduce the general confidence in evidence gathered so far by AARO and others; and NASA wants to apply artificial intelligence to the problem, yet both parties are ignoring the implications of multi-witness events perceived by multi-sensor humans endowed with actual intelligence. (Multi-witness events are also generally more helpful when there are queries as to whether non-human technology or natural phenomena is/are affecting witness perceptions.)

Lets also not forget the disturbing implication that when investigators stare at potential NHI, the NHI are staring back, or sometimes waving.

It should be considered the ultimate scientific, global pursuit (gathering and studying evidence of the potential presence of NHI on Earth), but we’re just not up to the task.

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Again, a really interesting post that covered a lot of territory. Was somewhat confused about who was who in relation to the events reported. But never the less, was impressed that the subjects covered seem to be gaining some attention. Ever since I read about the Rendlesham Forest encounters and Burroughs health issues after those encounters, in which he finally got some recognition after going after the VA, I started reading more cases dealing with the after effects of UFO close encounters.

Would totally agree that the 'agenda', or whatever you want to call it, of these objects and or entities is now starting to creep into the conversation and is the boogy man of the phenomenon. There are so many different interpretations of how experiencers explain the effects of their encounters that it calls into question, is there any thread here that makes sense. In any case, it does seem that once the physicality of UFOs is established in the public's mind the next question is 'why are they here?' That is probably one of the main reasons why our current government/military investigative UAP agencies (ARRO, NASA and others) are so freaking slow when it comes to actually submitting any real data into the public domain. The 'agenda' thing is truly the main issue with UFO 'Disclosure'.

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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Billy Cox

Thank you for another excellent article, Billy. It's wonderful to see Richard Haines and Ted Roe finally getting the kind of positive the attention they deserve!

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What highways do I avoid if we travel? I wonder: If the world devolves into a World War - is that when the aliens will strike that will bring us all together? How come they don't go after the billionaires?

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