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Nov 21, 2022Liked by Billy Cox

It's a pity we don't have Toby's testimony for comparison and confirmation. Anyone attempting to analyse these types of cases would try to rate the 'confidence' in the experiencer's perceptions and interpretation of events.

We have multi-witness (high confidence) sightings of apparent non-human technology (in the air, travelling under water and landed on the ground; sometimes with occupants).

Cases like Travis Walton (high confidence) with witnesses to initial events.

Then broader cases that include implants, MiB and similar encounters, that generally, we can't be as certain about (lower confidence), but possibly just as relevant in terms of what we still don't understand about our reality.

It's reasonable expect the military to be able to determine the nature (& origin) of most UAP, but there are limits to what even they can achieve.

If cases like Terry's turn out to be mostly psychological (or cognitive issues) then that's still of importance to medical science. If it's even partly the result of encounters with extra-terrestrial entities, then it's of profound importance; the same if it's related to non-local consciousness.

It's easy to forget that 'alien visitation' may be a relatively simple and reasonable concept to embrace, compared to the implications of remote viewing and multiple realities, all of which may overlap and be affecting us on a daily basis.

There are plenty of indicators that our reality is not limited to currently proven scientific concepts. There is still more to learn.

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Threatening harassment of witnesses and whistleblowers by mysterious agents is nearly as old as the phenomenon itself. Well, at least since the early 1950's.

There are powerful international groups determined to keep the waters muddy.

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Jesus. Bored much?

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And within four hours of this article being posted, the Terry Lovelace website it links to gives this:

“This Account has been suspended”

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