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Claiming that circulating UFO vids “may provide adversaries valuable information regarding Department of Defense/Navy operations, vulnerabilities, and /or capabilities" is a cynical ruse.

They might not know what is in the R&D pipeline, but the Russians and possibly Chinese already have a good knowledge of DOD capabilities and vulnerabilities - land, sea and air.

I think the self-annointed Knights Templar are getting a bit worried the heathens are closing in on the Grail.

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Reminds me of a Yes Minister quote: It's political will versus the bureaucratic won't.

If the public release of 3 Navy videos weren't a threat to nation security, then how can every other video (from now until doomsday) represent such a threat? That statement alone should be contested as a pre-meditated violation of the FOI Act.

And since when does the ability, to successfully approach and evade the military on its own turf, not represent a potential first strike or espionage capability?

Can someone please draw a cartoon of a Chinese drone hovering over Area 51 with a guard saying 'Move along please, nothing to see here.'

(Or isn't he bothered because he knows it's alien and there's nothing they can do?)

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The question becomes, who dictates policy? Military careerists or transient elected representatives? It looks as if the Navy has just picked the hill that question will die on.

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We'll have to wait for Avi Loeb - "the sky is not classified" - and (hopefully) NASA Billy. David Spergel wrote "Thoughts on UFOs" you've prob. seen? Credit to John Greenewald for digging out.


It's like "find your own data, we're keeping ours"!

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It makes me livid to read this. Arrrgghh!

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The fix is in. The fix has always been in. The media and Congress know when to back off. It's an endlessly repeating farce that would be funny if it wasn't so depressing.

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“ Midway through the 7-minute chit-chat, Tony Dokoupol has the right impulse but no idea how to execute it.”

Fantastic sentence.

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"Immediately after the NYT posted the F-18 UFO vids, Raytheon released a statement suggesting its ATFLIR targeting camera “might be the system that caught the first evidence of E.T. out there.”

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I remember that...it smacked like a marketing effort!

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