Billy, someone should use FOIA to obtain documents and information from the U.S. DoD and the CIA pertaining to the 2007 Romanian Air Force fighter jet/UFO crash.

I bet both the DoD and CIA have investigated this case.


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"Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General, Say Sources"


"But at least 30 other whistleblowers working for the federal government or government contractors have given testimony, or a “protected disclosure,” to the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG), the Defense Department Inspector General (DOD IG), or to Congress over the last several months, according to multiple sources interviewed by Public."

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Billy, many months ago, I saved a National Reconnaissance Office promo video.

A short segment shows a computer screen that shows live (probably) satellite video footage.

The satellite video camera films a white, spherical object which flies in one direction before making an instant right angle turn to the right (see video and images).


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Bottom line: The U.S. government is hiding bona fide UFO evidence.

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Sadly what we don't know about events and the fact that the powers that be hide stuff is what lays the ground for people to support dangerous people like Trump. I'm cautiously optimistic. WOKE may be dead in FL but there's been a awakening. Multiple groups have emerged, ChooseDemocracy, FloridiansForDemocracy, CATA. What we need is a MLK, John Lewis or Bayard Rustin "to herd the cats." BTW James Douglass's "JFK Unspeakable" is fascinating. Also re/9/11 Engineers and Architects for Truth a good source. They don't ask who are why just how.

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JFK's nephew really is still alive and he says the CIA killed his Uncle.

And the chances of that ever being confirmed are as good as the chances that "all protected federal UFO documents" will ever be made public.

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Landis, like all SS agents that day, did write an extensive account of what he saw and heard on Nov. 22nd. It's true that he was not called to testify before the Warren Commission (WC) but, nonetheless, that Treasury Department account was filed with the WC and appears in their official proceedings. Interestingly, it says absolutely nothing about any recovered whole bullet or the placing of a bullet on any stretcher. The link to the Landis report is here:


Dom Armentano

Vero Beach, Fl. 32967

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The JFK coverup managers probably learned some things from the guys running the UFO shop. As you note, the idea of a review board for UFO info similar to the JFK assassination panel is just a sop. Limited hangout is part of the coverup toolkit and works well at keeping the hounds at bay.

BTW, Landis was on the running board of the SS limo behind JFK's Lincoln (another odd coincidence in the Lincoln-Kennedy mashup) when they reached Dealey Plaza.

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