AARO folks, this is the kind of UFO evidence we have.

Here's a self-luminous, fast-flying, right-angle turning, cylindrical UFO.

The UFO footage from ARD (German TV channel) was recorded before the South Korea vs. Italy FIFA World Cup match in Daejeon, South Korea, on 18 June 2002, at around 8:25 p.m.



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If you want to see UFOs – watch the SpaceX missions.

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"Laughable response" indeed.

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This is the best interview I've seen of Robert Bigelow talking about Skinwalker Ranch.

It was recorded about 5 months ago, and he goes into a lot more detail than any of the other interviews I've seen. Especially regarding the "Hitchhikers".



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"No, Aliens Haven’t Visited the Earth Why are so many smart people insisting otherwise?"

By Nicholson Baker, a novelist and essayist from Maine


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A biased and unoriginal debunking marathon, couched in absolute certainty, and cherry-picked to death. I've summarized what it took him thousands of words to write.

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Good summation.

Nicholson Baker's bio contains absolutely nothing that would qualify him in any way to expound on the subject, and it shows.

Yet for some reason the editor(s) of New York Magazine thought it was a good idea to have him write that amateurish article.

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There's a lot of bullshit out there. I would appreciate knowing what podcasts some of the veterans here listen to or watch. Billy used to post links to other sites on DeVoid, which I'm guessing he trusted. I'd welcome such a list now. I find Corbell and Knapp informative, nteresting and entertaining. I put Coulthart and Zabell in the same category, although Coulthart occasionally strays into offering political opinions. I'd truly appreciate if one of these gentlemen would get an interview with a Democrat rep on one of their shows. Not just the late Harry Reid. I'm not being partisan here, but I've long feared the UAP issue is turning into a pro-Republican position. Unless 60 Minutes, the NYT or Washington Post wakes the fuck up the UAP narrative will lose what legitimacy it gained in 2017. We need to keep politics, red vs. blue out of this issue. I also find the podcasts of Jesse Michels and Really?!. with Tom and Dave very informative. As far as the Jellyfish UAP goes, I find it creepy. If it isn't some kind of garbage floating along, my instincts tell me it's one of them out on a walk about or better yet, fly by.

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Jan 30Liked by Billy Cox

Everyone is doing the best they can and everyone has limits on the the time and skills they have available to devote to the subject.

As a species we put more things in the air than previous generations and have the ability to fake virtual images, sometimes supported with fake testimony. It's not getting any easier.

Those of us who aren't new to the subject, have been influenced by older cases. The history of ufology includes a wide variety of cases with varying degrees of testimony and credibility; some sufficient to prompt us to individually posit the existence of non-human technology on Earth. Once that Rubicon has been crossed, it's all too easy to accept 'lesser' cases as supporting evidence.

A point of light moving across the night sky could be a satellite or an alien object, we have no way of telling. It's most probably a satellite. An object in the sky with a strange appearance could (theoretically) be alien or could be floating human detritus observed under less than perfect conditions.

We have to expect to find examples of everything (except perhaps non-human technology). We do need better evidence (in general) and deeper analyses and we also need to know what the insiders know, those who claim that the U.S. is in possession of non-human tech.

Aliens and bird poop both exist in our universe (the former is arguably a statistical certainty). We have no shortage of bird poop. We still don't know how many aliens are here.

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Jan 29·edited Jan 30

The second to the last paragraph sums up the incompetency of the DOD.

It's disheartening to see Knapp and Hoffman publicly turn on each other

It provides fuel to the debunkers.

I''ve also read and noted a photo of Susan Gough shadowing former AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick arriving or leaving some UAP related event ostensibly to keeping close tabs on him..

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Not everyone in the DOD is incompetent, Joe.

All guilty parties do their best to delay, obfuscate, and confuse, in order to hide whatever it is they are trying to keep hidden.

This story is a perfect example.

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