Sean Kirkpatrick is a liar.

The U.S. Congress needs to establish a genuine UFO office.

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Alan, I think the best way forward is for Congress to allocate funding for the scientific community and academia to work on the UAP issue. The military tends to keep information behind closed doors.

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Either David Grusch or Sean Kirkpatrick is lying about their communications with each other and ARRO. Each is saying the opposite of the other. With the recent publication of an interview with Kirkpatrick on political.com, Sean seems to be upping the game and standing his ground. Has anyone really investigated to get to the bottom of this? Another thing that comes to mind is why UFO whistleblowers now are always using their NDA's and security clearances as the main excuse for not providing public evidence that give substantive support to their claims? Does that really fit in with the definition of a whistleblower? Edward Snowden or Daniel Ellsberg to me were actual whistleblowers in the fact that they got actual evidence into the public domain. You can argue whether their actions were the right thing to do but they certainly left a mark on history and we may be better for it. We hear of at least 30 or more persons in government/military/defense contractor positions who have allegedly come forward and supported David Grosch's claims one way or another but again whatever they said may never get to the public domain. I do not equate the secrecy of reverse engineering of non-human intelligence tech with that of when we developed the first atomic bomb. But this is the excuse so often given even amongst persons like Leslie Kean and others. It is very difficult for me to understand why the public should know only the bits and pieces. It seems really dangerous to have a few who make the ultimate decisions on this subject that effects the whole world at large.

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David Grusch is just the most recent iteration of Elizondo and Mellon.

I'm fully expecting a new History Channel series featuring Grusch as the latest "whistleblower" du jour, titled "Inside the Alien Files".

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Thanks, really enjoyed! He'd surely be given the brief at the very start by superiors that *you* won't be the one to say it's NHI. But I respect him as a scientist that he's given strong hints (the ABC news interview 3 months ago)

1. His concern of "extraterrestrial technical surprise",

2. "Wouldn't that be fun?" if he found ET on his watch and the paper with Avi Loeb which I thought really bold early on.

And the last one recently about "aliens or a "foreign power", knowing full well it's not a foreign power.

Really looking forward to the Historical Review, Volume 1 which he wants to finish. I hope he includes some of the old declassified documents like the Nathing Twining memo, the Project Sign stuff etc. So much is out there!

Billy, this just came up on Politico today 12/11/23 ... Are Aliens Real? We Asked the Pentagon’s Outgoing UFO Chief.


More there on the David Grusch issue.

Also the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 link in that has 8 hits of the term "historical record" to do with the above work by Kirkpatrick. FYI.


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Quote from Politico: “I’m ready to move on. I have accomplished everything I said I was going to do,” Sean Kirkpatrick said.

I remember when he said his goal was to provide (my words) a cheat sheet for agencies to refer to when determining what any particular UAP was - I remember because it implied, from the very start, that Kirkpatrick had no expectation of finding anything that defied explanation.

Now he declares victory and slinks away having avoided an interview with Ross Coulthart.

Compare the statements from AARO to the findings of Blue Book Special Report 14, the latter completed 70 years ago. Anyone with an appreciation for the history of ufology knows there have been many interesting cases pre 2004. But listening to official public statements today one would think none of that existed at all.

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Billy Cox

You've done a heck of a job, Brownie, er, Sean.

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Hello Billy, Do you know Richard Thieme? While waiting for "disclosure" this is probably the most information that will be shared outside of a SCIF. He has recruited and tended to the intelligence community for over 30 years. Have a look at his DEF CON 30 presentation. https://thiemeworks.com/videos/def-con-30-richard-thieme-ufos-alien-life-and-the-least-untruthful-things-i-can-say/

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Nov 12, 2023Liked by Billy Cox

Hi Billy. Nice interview of Mark Rodeghier. My take is similar. How in the heck can you not disclose your organizational structure and its qualifications to do the job! Kirkpatrick's contribution to the job was close to nil in my opinion.

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The handwriting is on the wall as far as Hicks is concerned.....She's simply having staff put out a shallow PR statement. It's clear she has no idea or interest in the topic and simply relies on underlings to disseminate B.S. regarding Kirkpatrick, who was just the perfect foil for the Pentagon agenda

Blogger Matt Ford has already displayed Kirkpatrick's "Pinocchio's nose" in a recent blog.

I also viewed the Ford blog interview with David Schindele and that no official transcription service was included or provided per Kirkpatrick's telephonic interview with Schindle ..Just an informal casual interview

IOW: "Thank you for your input.. Have a nice day"

Kevin Randle's blog predicted that AARO was a sequel to Bluebook's operation.. "Bluebook 201"

IOW: "Lets go through the motions and pretend that we're interested in getting to the bottom of the phenomena" .. while behind the scenes " We cannot publicly proclaim that we have no idea or clue about the origins of the mystery, but can assure the public that its no threat to national security" (as far as we're concerned)

Who is the next sacrificial lamb or stooge that will be brought forth to take over as Director??

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