Is it overly simplistic to surmise that behind all the acronyms, the dissembling, the Sergeant Schultzian denials, the principal motivation for all of this is: "I've GOT to get ME one of those! (before the other guy does.)"

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If there's a congressman or senator who wants to understand if there's any truth to the existence of recovered non-human tech, then there are plenty of threads to start pulling on, from two separate angles:

One is the administrative practices for managing projects and maintaining secrecy; and the other is interviewing individuals, related to the Wilson docs, in order to determine who is telling the truth and how much truth the document contains.

I was slightly gobsmacked by Longuemare's comment:

Longuemare passed the buck in an email. “There was a high level Senior Review Group (not 100% on the title) chaired by the DepSecDef,” he wrote, “that had higher level Executive Oversight of a selected number of key DoD programs and activities.”

I'm sorry? Did he just say that a deputy secretary (top civil servant) had greater oversight over certain specific projects than anyone else? I wonder if Christopher Mellon was aware of that little wrinkle?

(One assumes that the SecDef, or higher, could also have access, but would they need to know that a project exists in order to ask/demand to be read in?)

Is Longuemare saying that the opportunity exists for long serving civil servants to run secret projects outside the oversight of their political masters?

Does this relate to the specific place that Wilson had to look to find the UFO SAPS?

One of the aspects of the Wilson docs that raised a red flag for me, was the apparent threat (or warning) to Wilson's career. There would be a pretty small list of people in a position to be that influential (unless there was a UXB in Wilson's past). It sounded more like a paranoid delusion, given that it was these people's jobs to monitor all of it and they reported to elected officials not civil servants.

A politician could also ask: How would that threat/warning be made real? What (and who) would it take to make good on such a threat?

(N.b. I have serious issue with the idea that total control of recovered non-human tech, is in the hands of private corporations, if only because future recoveries are more likely to be made by the armed services and would still need to be managed in total secrecy. Any initial government group in charge (e.g. MJ12) would have to accept the possibility that if it happened once then it could happen again.)

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10:50 mark to the 18:44 mark

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/20/22



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Picking up the vibe that some of these guys are dangerous, white-knucklers holding on to their secrets tightly. These showrunners have yet to be identified and are likely hidden behind layers of pushovers, a sacrifice to Congressional committees. Good luck messing with them.

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Billy, you remain my favorite writer on this subject. Your prose is lively and your analysis is spot on. Both Ross and I salute your commitment.

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Would Dr. Eric Davis testify under oath if congress asked ?

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