Tucker Carlson last night. (I wish he would find someone besides Nick Pope).

UFO expert shares stunning details about alleged 1945 alien encounter before Roswell



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Well, at least the NARCAP guys should be feeling vindicated, because they've been proclaiming the hazards to flight safety for years (decades perhaps).

I'm wondering if they're not releasing any details of the incidents along with their analyses because of potential bad PR when witnesses discover the usual 'weather balloon' explanations have been applied. We don't even know if Nimitz 2004 remains 'unknown' or if they might consider it a 'drone' because it was obviously technology (just not ours, on balance of evidence).

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1. It's all about flight safety.

2. We're not being invaded.

3. If we are being invaded, it's only China. We think.

4. Sleep well, citizen.

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